Eleanor Dunstan is a consultant physiotherapist working at Nottingham University Hospitals. She works closely with patients with spinal problems and helps patients in post spinal surgery rehabilitation. Dr.med. Bronek Boszczyk is a leading consultant Spinal Surgeon and head of department currently based in Germany. In the first section of this video Dr. Areena Dsouza and Eleanor discuss about how scars may affect body confidence in patients. They talk about few ideas on how to help patients feel comfortable with the scars they have and regain body confidence. In the second part of this video spine surgeons Dr. Dsouza and Dr.med. Bronek Boszczyk discuss their opinions on scars and different surgical scars and their placement on the body based on different basic spinal surgical procedures. Watch this video to know more about scars from Eleanor Dunstan and Dr.med.Bronek Boszczyk.

Body Confidence and Positioning of Scars

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Sex and the Spine