Eleanor Dunstan is a consultant physiotherapist working at Nottingham University Hospitals. She works closely with patients with spinal problems and helps patients in post spinal surgery rehabilitation. In this interview Spinal surgeon Areena Dsouza and Eleanor acknowledge the importance of partners in the post operative or recovery period of the patient/involved person. There is always a fear set in the minds of the partners regarding what he/she is allowed to do, and what is safe and not in this recovery period that they can attempt to help their affected partner with. Ellie goes on to explain how there are different ways to help alleviate this fear and rebuild trust to bring back the bond partners shared. Watch this video to know more. Further from here you can also watch our practical video on demonstration of desensitization techniques and massages that can be used around scars.

Advice for Partners in Post Operative / Recovery Period

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Sex and the Spine